Google’s Android P to Stop Supporting Older  Apps Built For Android 4.1 or Lower

Android P, Google’s Android P to Stop Supporting Older Apps Built For Android 4.1 or Lower

Google’s Android P to Stop Supporting Older Apps Built For Android 4.1 or Lower

Android P: Google’s new OS may stop supporting older apps

Google had earlier stated that it had plans to block any apps running on an API level more than 1-year-old than Google’s latest Android architecture.

Google recently released the first Developer Preview of its upcoming OS, Android P. The latest iteration of Google’s Android OS comes with new features and upgrades over its predecessor. Along with the incremental changes, Google will reduce the clutter of old apps on its Play Store.

After the release of Android P, this would effectively result in the existence of only those apps on Google Play Store which would target Android 8.0 Oreo or above. While the company had made this clear back in December, there were no technical hints to suggest the same.

As per a recent report by Android Police, a new specific has been spotted on the Android P, titled MIN_SUPPORTED_TARGET_SDK_INT which identifies the minimum API level that is supported by the upcoming mobile OS. The report mentions that the minimum API level for Android P defined by the new class is v17, i.e. Android 4.2.

Android P Developer Preview 1 is currently available for Google Pixel and Pixel 2 series. The stable version of Android P with its official name is expected to be announced sometime in August according to the company’s schedule.

With Android P, Google appears to be focusing quite extensively on apps. Android P will disable apps from using your smartphone’s microphone in the background. This feature arises from reports of apps like Facebook using your smartphone’s microphone to listen to your conversations.

Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram require using your microphone and camera. You can turn the access off for these apps but you’d have to manually turn them on for certain actions like video calling, taking a picture, and so on. But with Android P, Google will automatically turn the microphone and camera access off.

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